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Emerging Technology Capabilities

Explore our capabilities to make innovation work.

Every business needs data and technology to thrive

To get your digital strategy right requires insight of market understanding, consensus, quality delivery services and a commitment to achieving outcomes.  MetaNXT is an advisory led IT outsourcing and total talent partner.  We can help organizations like yours make informed decisions around their business strategy and resourcing approach.  We will take your business into the metaverse, equipping you with the resources needed to make economic engines turn.

Roles we fulfill for our clients, to:

  • Shape digital transformations with technology, skills and know-how
  • Deliver IT projects through flexible IT outsourcing arrangements
  • Fulfill talent needs through end-to-end direct sourcing programs

Key Services

Digital Transformation

We work with you to shape your digital transformation one application at a time by leveraging the latest thinking, methods, and tools.

Applications Services

Our remote DevOps teams use low-code and codeless application development methods and the latest technologies to achieve your digital ambitions.

Data Engineering

Our enterprise data consultants will work with your in-house team to maximize the value and potential of enterprise data.

Living with Software Robots in 2022

Living with Software RobotsHow can your humans benefit from digital assistants? In this article, we explore whether businesses can live in harmony with (or, indeed, live without) software robots.According to McKinsey Global Institute, ‘While less than 5 percent of all...

FUSION Versus DevOps—Why the World of Digital Transformation Will Change in 2022

Discover how businesses need to harness the potential of digital technologies to surprise and delight their customers, and stay competitive.

Re-Inventing the Art of Agile

Discover how low-code and no-code software development tools are transforming the discipline of agile development in 2022.

3 Compelling Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs a Digital Platform and Ecosystem Strategy

Digital ecosystems are the new battleground for business, re-defining how markets work and the state of competition. Find out more here…

Digital innovation is transforming business models

The transformation your business needs to embrace a digital ecosystem that’s able to embrace new technologies and adapt to change expediently.

Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 How are Enterprise Systems evolving to serve a broadening audience of stakeholders in an always-on, remote working environment? What is Enterprise 2.0? Platforms like Amazon and LinkedIn are part of the new era of Digital Ecosystems that companies don’t...

The GlueWare Game-Changer

You might have a great e-commerce front-end, but what happens once your buyer clicks the buy button? Modern data science and cloud technologies are making it possible for organizations to re-think their Enterprise Systems by extending features and functions with...

Journey to the Cloud

Don’t get left behind. Experience how cloud platforms are engineering digital transformationThe birth of cloud computingGoogle has a deserving reputation for being an innovative company. Partly, that innovation comes from giving their people room to explore their...

Making Ends Meet

Why GlueWare is Taking Over .Does your website or e-commerce shop integrate with your back-office systems and processes? If not, you could be facing an unnecessarily high cost of sale. A modern ‘glueware platform’ might just be the answer. It binds your front-of-house...

Data Analytics Powering Curiosity

In a data-driven era, businesses need curious minds to power change. How can data analytics help you tap into yours?

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