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There is so much more you can get out of a talent portal when it’s deeply connected with your data.

Your talent data is held across a series of in-house systems used to manage human resources, applicant onboarding, staffing vendors, and finances.  Our integrations team offers a capability to integrate talent portals and platforms with existing systems.  To achieve this, our engineers and consultants are experienced in the connected systems, and the technology protocols and approaches used to bring data together; giving your team greater visibility and cutting mundane tasks.

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From standalone to interwoven systems

When contingent workforce systems (like Vendor Management Systems) gained popularity a decade ago, the majority were used as stand-alone solutions to solve a discrete supplier management problem.  Not today.  Cloud deployed talent systems must offer seamless integration with any and all sources of recruitment, resourcing and procurement data in addition to industry data-sets, labor category pricing data and more.


Glueware, the connecting tissue

Glueware is cloud deployed technology (sometimes called an integration Platform-as-a-Service) that provides the codeless tooling and software robots used to forge interwoven links between systems.  One key aspect of glueware is the ability to harvest data at rest, or to provide automations and input forms to augment data transforms when no direct integration can be performed with data-sources.  MetaNXT benefits from advanced proprietary tooling that means our engineers can achieve deeper data integrations, faster. 


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