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Redrawing markets

Apply a blockchain digital ledger to disrupt markets and supply-chains

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Of all the digital innovations in the past decade, blockchain is having the biggest impact on market structures and behaviors.

What makes blockchain and similar decentralized, distributed ledger technologies game-changing lies in their ability to federate digital asset authority and consent across a community of users; thereby removing the need for third-party authorities to exist in a market.  It transforms how markets work.  And your enterprise shouldn’t miss out.

Maximizing your disruptive powers

There are a significant number of use cases for blockchain-styled technologies.  In your industry alone, there a probably several.  Your first step to leveraging this innovation is to find a willing and expert guide able to advise you on the technology options, commercial implications and opportunities.  That’s where MetaNXT’s blockchain services team can help.  We have direct experience in public and private sector projects to leverage digital ledger technologies.  So, whether you’re a Digital City pioneer, or a private sector entrepreneur with a vision to disrupt markets, get in touch for a no-commitment, impartial discussion with a MetaNXT consultant.

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Joining the dots

Whether you are looking at leveraging a third-party digital ledger, or to build your own, MetaNXT consultants will guide you through the journey and manage the end-to-end project to delivery.  Our architects are familiar with all the latest digital ledger technologies, and their use cases.   We also operate a global team, so no-matter where you’re located, we can bring to bear the resources you need to join the digital ledger revolution on your terms.


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Blockchain – and how we help to deliver it

What you need to know about blockchain

In a hyperconnected world, blockchain technology is set to pave the way to bridge companies, industries and economies with transparency, security and trust. It also pushes automation to unprecedented levels in the enterprise value chain.

A dedicated blockchain enterprise platform can overcome the above pitfalls.  Blockchain has the potential to forever change the way businesses operate; just as much as the internet, cloud or artificial intelligence have done.

The main three enterprise blockchain capabilities blockchain technology areas we outline below represent a unique and useful competitive differentiator for your enterprise architecture.

1. The Ledger

In essence, Blockchain technology is a transaction record mechanism.

Simply put, the ledger is the ‘database’ of blockchain architecture – its repository of the records. For matters of integrity, no record in the ledger can be changed or deleted.  This means that database CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) is not fully supported by blockchain; or similar ledger solutions. Every member (or organization, in the case of enterprise blockchain) owns its copy of the ledger versus the classic client-server database architecture.

2. Data security and integrity provisioning

Records in the ledger are authenticated, verifiable and hashed. Authentication, Authorization and Audit, as well as non-repudiation (providing proof of the origin and integrity of the data) are fundamental assets of blockchain-styled technology.

Transactions are secured through digital signatures assigned to any member of the network, preventing records from being altered.

3. Smart contracting

A Smart Contract is a computer program stored on a blockchain.
It automatically executes, validates and takes actions according to agreements between members belonging to the blockchain network.

Smart Contracts may interact with external sources to validate rules coded in smart contracts.

How we work

To create your blockchain solution, MetaNXT will step you through the following stages:

  1. Strategy assessment
  2. Hands-on training and rapid prototyping
  3. Solution design
  4. Build and implement
  5. Assets and solutions
  6. Ecosystem management


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