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External workforce payroll

Our payroll services underpin talent platforms

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Digital talent solutions are fab but you still need to make sure the external workforce gets paid.

End-to-end talent management platforms like MetaBlue are re-inventing how organizations can develop an on-demand external workforce.  While technology can do much to automate workflows and streamline processes, there will always be a need for humans to supplement the tech to answer queries and support escalations.  That’s where our payroll services come in.

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Tailored payroll solutions

Making sure external workers get paid accurately and on time is essential to fulfill brand obligations and to keep the best candidates returning to get work done.  In any online platform that offers reviews and feedback, the worst possible scenario happens when candidates complain about late or inaccurate payment for their hard work.   MetaNXT provide professional and affordable payroll solutions tailored to suit your needs, that scale with your requirements, and as your external workforce grows.  We’re accustomed to underpinning digital talent platforms with the background payroll services that are inevitably required by organizations that lack internal provisioning.


Hybrid employer-of-record solutions

When sourcing smarter ways to hire and manage an external workforce, it’s not always clear whether the best solution is a service provider, technology platform or something in between. As an experienced Employer-of-Record provider, MetaNXT has transitioned its service-line to support the new hybrid solutions market for end-to-end talent ecosystems.  It means we can offer organizations the flexibility to tailor their payroll and Employer-of-Record packages according to their specific needs; acknowledging that a blended technology plus service provision is normally always the best-fit outcome.


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