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An Internet of Sensors

Sensor networks transform data capture, asset tracking and how digital works.

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The Internet of Things.  A digital age where devices and people can serve themselves with information. Will your enterprise be joining the party?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about leveraging sensor networks to create game-changing business models that transform how markets work, how products flow through supply chain, how logistics can operate, and how consumers experience their digital world.  Let MetaNXT be your guide on your IoT adventure.

Sensing a digital opportunity?

Sensor networks remove the need for manual data capture processes, speed up data flows and can bring substantial benefit to your customer experience.  The ability of IoT to improve customer value while cutting operating costs make it one of the most compelling digital innovations.  MetaNXT has been engaged in sensor networking projects for over a decade.  The experience of our IoT applications services team in tracking products, vehicles, temperatures and crop heights, managing asset health, and applying artificial intelligence to predict bottlenecks and downtime from sensor-sourced data, means we have the experience you need to make your IoT project a success.

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Adding resources to IoT applications

We know that Internet of Things projects have a habit of scaling to large proportions and demand a wide skillset.  You may be encountering shortfalls in experienced IoT project staff.  Whether you need hardware engineers, UX design practitioners, IT architects, data scientists, geo-location experts, or project managers, you will find our IoT Services team has an extensive delivery capability, available to you onsite, offshore or nearshore.


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IoT – what it is and how we help to deliver it

What is the internet of Things and why should businesses be interested?

In the next few years, we will see billions of devices connected to the internet. This hyperconnected world will change how we live and work. But the Internet of Things (IoT) is about more than just connecting things.

It’s about connecting people, information and things like physical assets, consumer electronics, smart devices, etc., with a focus on connecting the right things in the right way. That’s why our approaches put your business case first. By taking a customer-led co-creation approach, we identify opportunities where your business can become more agile, more adaptable, and more efficient.

From there, our integration expertise means we can deploy our range of IoT solutions alongside your legacy systems: No ‘rip and replace’ required.

IoT technology can have a profound impact on every area of your organization, from your infrastructure and analytics to your IT security.

Discover how we help with our experienced IoT experts who know how to make it happen:

IoT business case development
  • Development of viable business cases supporting large-scale IoT solutions
  • Five to ten-year planning perspective across financial and operational aspects
  • End-to-end scope model including network, devices, battery life, data platform and services
IoT Strategy Consulting
  • Advisory and consulting services to develop a robust IoT Strategy
  • Roadmap development encompassing commercial and operational requirements
  • Analysis to minimize the total cost of IoT data production and optimize the value of IoT data
IoT Services Execution
  • Solution design and development services across the IoT value chain
  • Technology productization to accelerate commercialization or deployment of IoT projects
  • Delivery, QA and project management service

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