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Attracting the top people begins by engaging with your talent audience on their terms.

Engaging candidates is the most critical aspect during the life cycle of hiring.  This engagement is lowest at the beginning of the life cycle at probing stage and maximum at the hiring stage.  That’s why you need an online hiring platform that registers the need for usability, mobility, performance, and convenience.

Talent Experience Management. Introducing the Meta Blue Platform.

Talent Experience Management today requires a digital platform to support it.  Meta Blue is a white labelled solution for enterprises wherein contingent workers get the experience of directly working with the enterprise facilitated by the Meta Blue platform.

Using our Career Portal, an enterprise can customize its talent platform with the predefined templates and sections provided by Meta Blue.  Practically every aspect of your talent solution can be customized; anything from fonts to content and images etc. which is why it’s already been adopted by some of the largest brands in the world.

What’s most important for an enterprise is the ability Meta Blue provides where the career portal can be linked to an enterprise’s own website, thereby giving a personally branded experience to candidates.


Diversity and Inclusion

Meta Blue believes in that inclusive workplace means increased performance.  Investing in a diverse talent pool results in better teams, better retention rate, higher engagement, a greater knowledge base, optimal performance and, most importantly, a better brand.  Meta Blue provides extensive diversity and inclusion analytics, supplying predictive analytics and actionable insights organizations need to steer their talent strategies.  

Conversational Chatbot

Successful recruiters adopt a high-touch continuous engagement approach with candidates to keep individuals connected. Meta Blue applies this principle, providing 24/7 chatbot engagement.  AI-powered chatbots play a critical role; equipping candidates to have their questions answered from any location, and at any time of day. Use of intent driven AI chatbot technology means candidates are able to engage at their own convenience, and on their own terms.

Marketing Campaigns

Enterprises always are in continuous need of talent. The creation of a large and accessible talent pool becomes a critical need to answer talent demands.

Reaching out to a large candidate pool on any given skills requirement is essential if a digital enterprise is to achieve its business goals. Meta Blue’s campaign module means organizations can access talent for tightly specified skills and qualities. Hiring managers can aggregate and filter responses in a timely way to fill talent vacancies faster.

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The need for smart engagement

The best candidates for your next opportunity want to serve themselves with work opportunities to suit their  interests, experience and skills.  Managing this requires the provision of a seamless online experience for candidates. In a digital age, candidates look for engagement on their own terms. The Meta Blue end-to-end talent cloud platform stands out for its ability to offer an integrated talent experience management suite.  In one place candidates enjoy outstanding user experience design coupled with multiple channels of communication.

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Hire direct

The latest trend in talent sourcing is direct hiring of an external workforce.  This involves the use of a talent platform like MetaBlue to manage the end to end hiring (and workforce management) life cycle.  Unlike previous talent apps that have gone before, modern cloud deployed talent platforms are self service for candidates and hirers alike.  It means organizations can serve themselves on-demand with the top talent they need, equipped with the digital tooling to avoid indirect staffing agency fees and the long hiring timelines of full-time employee recruitment.


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