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Being different is good

Explore a talent platform with diversity and inclusion analytics built in.

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The Meta Blue end-to-end talent platform profiles the differences in your external workforce.

Diversity spend matters.  So too, does the importance of diversity to organizational culture, innovation, and the personality of an enterprise.  Diverse organizations are more creative, more engaging.  They achieve more, with less. That’s the reason why organizations want to know the make-up of their external workforce.  With Meta Blue, we’ve baked in diversity and inclusion analytics – so your leadership teams is always abreast of the facts.

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Detailed diversity and inclusion profiling

You want to know how many individuals across your external workforce come from diversity and inclusion backgrounds.  More than that, you want to understand diversity in your business.  You may even want to extend your definition of diversity to include other considerations like age, neurodiversity, and more.  The Meta Blue platform can be configured to deliver the insights you seek.


Timely reports and summaries

Personalized dashboards mean you can always bring the most important insights to the top of your analytics views.  And you don’t have to spend any time crunching through data, preparing charts and graphs–it’s all taken care of.  What you do get are beautifully clear and concise data perspectives that tell the story of your diversity and inclusion breakdown. 


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