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Make the most of your data with Master Data Management


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Without proper controls and careful organization, the value of data to the enterprise is lost.

Master Data Management (MDM) is about designing a data architecture that puts every data item in its most appropriate place within your data library.  Get it right and your enterprise can make the most of its data, simplify administration, reduce data volumes and prevent inconsistencies.  Get it wrong and your digital plans can flounder on a sea of data inaccuracies and untruths.  We can help.

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Your data success begins with MDM

When data quality is poor, users soon lose faith in the results they see.  To maximize your data value requires a considered plan to organize data thoughtfully.  This means every data table exists only once and sits in its logical place within a master data architecture.  Achieving an optimal MDM approach is confused by the existence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps that insist on creating their own data tables for common tables used elsewhere in your enterprise (or beyond).  This is why it makes sense to have a data scientist develop a Master Data roadmap that ensures your data assets are properly managed and protected, to create the culture of curiosity your enterpise depends on to succeed.

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Discovering your digital DNA

Practically every application used across an enterprise relies on a common to all set of data tables.  These include datasets such as organizational units and hierarchies, user directories, user groups, suppliers, customers, policies, locations, company entities, processes, countries, regions, etc.  and more besides.  Installing a Master Data Management plan across your organizational DNA ensures that your development team instantly has access to a single accurate view of common datasets that mean applications are deployed faster, inaccuracies and duplications prevented, and any change made to these tables is instantly disseminated across all applications.

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About Master Data Management and the Meta Blue Talent Platform

Building a data platform that builds trust

Master Data Management is the act of treating data as a business asset and to establish strong data governance mechanisms

We work on building data platforms that treat data as an asset. We understand diverse consumption requirements and incorporate strong data governance mechanisms that catalog the incoming data.

Then, we assign data quality scores to the cataloged data, build a robust data lineage system to track the data as it gets transformed.

This process will result in a data repository that better serves consumption needs, improve data governance and install appropriate safeguarding controls.

The result is a solution that will enable your organization to master its business data.

How we work

MetaNXT can help you to streamline your enterprise and customer data with a centralized data management hub

You can model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich all your data points across multiple systems and applications.  Having done so, you will be able to accelerate better internal performance and improve customer experience.  Our Master Data Management (MDM) services and solutions make it effortless for you to manage the immeasurable amount of data and ensure consistency and accuracy.


As experts in the field, MetaNXT will use a blend of off-the-shelf and custom-built Master Data Management (MDM) tooling to deliver your project in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

MDM Implementation Services

Deploy the models in MDM repository to identify which source systems are allowed to interact

We provide a 360-degree view on all your customer information from every possible source in a single glance so that you get access to valuable sales and marketing insights. Address your customers on a personal level by knowing what they want.

We simplify how you add multiple data endpoints without increasing the complexity of integration. Get a proactive and centralized data hub and do away with direct point-to-point connections.
We eliminate duplicate or incorrect data and provide smart protocols for data viewing, manual approval or rejection by authorized users. Scale your business without worrying about the consistency and quality of data.

We put in place a holistic MDM data governance strategy that ensures you meet regulatory compliance standards – with timely reports. Run multiple systems, applications, and technologies in a risk-free manner, no matter the environment.


  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Consolidation Services
  • Data Governance Services
  • Customer 360 view
  • UDS (Unified Data Store) services
  • MDM Integration Services
  • Customer MDM Services

MDM Consulting Services

Consolidate and manage your data with MetaNXT

Our MDM consulting services cover end-to-end assessment of your project requirements and current infrastructure to develop effective implementation strategies. We help address the changing market landscape by making businesses more agile and responsive.

With our data-driven analysis of suitable deployment models, we ensure your transition is seamless across the strategic and developmental phases.


  • Master Data Management Strategy
  • Master Data Management Consulting
  • Customer Data Management Consulting
  • MDM Master Data Hub Architecture Consulting
  • MDM Advisory Consulting
  • Data Architecture Consulting


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