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Garbage in.  Your insights platform is only ever as good as the integrity of data it serves.

The need to deliver insights in real-time has become critical for digital businesses.  Transitioning from gut feel executive instincts to data driven decisioning pre-supposes data quality and management is up to scratch.  The challenge comes when data is sourced from a variety of sources, comes in various formats and structures, and is re-used from systems born to fulfill a different role.  That’s the moment you realize that data engineering know-how, methods and tooling isn’t a cost to your business, but an asset you can’t live without.

“If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail”

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon


We put data to work

The success of your data science project depends on excellent design, coherent data structures, and good data.  As organizations harvest data from operating silos, flaws creep in to wreck plans. Inconsistent formats, ad-hoc feed timings, upload errors, duplicates, faulty coded data transforms – these are just a few of the many challenges engineers face.  To help your people easily access the data they need, we create data marts and lakes to underpin your data-driven efforts. Then, to convert data into useful formats and presentations, we build applications that will reliably and securely serve up insights in real time.

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Data scientists come in many forms

Not all data scientists come in the same form.  The discipline is broad, and the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to deliver data science solutions are many and varied.  MetaNXT offers a large data engineering team with competencies that include:

Big data and data lake theory
Business intelligence, graphing, data storytelling, visualization and communication
Data quality management and extract, transform and load (ETL)
Master data management and data warehousing Multivariable calculus, linear algebra, statistical analysis and linear programming
Geo spatial and location intelligence

About our Data Engineering Services team

Harness the power of the cloud to build reliable, secure and scalable applications

Reveal True Reasons behind Low Performance and Enable Accurate Predictions

Data science services help companies run experiments on their data in search of business insights. MetaNXT renders data science consulting leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies to meet our clients’ most deliberate analytics needs.

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We can share and implement data science best practices to drive your decision-making with careful forecasting and effective root-cause analysis.

Our Capabilities

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Consulting Services

Business needs analysis:

  1. Outlining business objectives to meet with data science
  2. Defining issues with the existing data science solution
  3. Deciding on data science deliverables
Data preparation:

  1. Determining data source for data science
  2. Data collection, transformation and cleansing

Machine learning (ML) model design and development:

  1. Choice of the optimal data science techniques and methods
    2. Defining the criteria for the future ML model(s) evaluation
    3. ML model development, training, testing and deployment

ML model evaluation and tuning

Delivering data science output in an agreed format
1. Data science insights ready for business use in the form of reports and dashboards
2. Custom ML-driven app for self-service use (optional)
3. ML model integration into other applications (optional)

User & admin training, data science support consultations

Models we Offer

Data science solution implementation

  • Easy access to the required experience or resources.
  • Building a smoothly functioning data science solution tailored to your unique business needs.

    Data science improvement consulting

      • Strategic and tactical guidance
      • Overcoming problems (noisy or dirty data, inaccurate predictions, etc.) in a data science project

      Ongoing consulting and support

      • Continuous support and evolution of your data science initiative to increase the quality of insights
      • Adjusting the ML models to the changing environment

      Data science as a service

      • No investment in in-house data science competencies
      • Getting advanced data analytics insights derived with data science technologies or enhancing the existing data science initiatives

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