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Data Engineering

Installing, enhancing and upgrading the data engines you rely on.

Creating a culture of curiosity

Data has become the lifeblood of enterprise. Executive management teams are taking more of an active ownership role in BI initiatives than ever before. MetaNXT data engineers will equip your executives with the means to build a data driven ‘curious’ culture, helping your organization to understand customer behavior, react to market changes faster than rivals and eliminate unknowns.

Data engineering projects require:

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Re-wiring Enterprise Data DNA

Business-critical data exists across and beyond your enterprise.  What’s needed is a unified approach to husbanding data to ensure key tables exist only once.

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Data Management - Building Marts with Integrity

The biggest single reason why digital transformation projects fail is data quality. Re-use data for new purposes and data cleansing and enrichment is inevitable.

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Forming Data Landscapes

Your data landscapes present your most important topics in holistic single-views that bring a digital clarity to your insights.

Our data engineering capabilities

— Data Analytics

— AI-Led Decisioning Systems

— Business Intelligence and Dynamic Data Visualization

— Cross-Enterprise and Cross-Industry Actionable Insights

— Reporting as a Service

Encouraging curiosity to flourish

The data-driven business

Making decisions in a digital world requires instant access to insights, presented in a way that permits comparison.  Above all, data has to be accurate, views must be concise and insightful, and results must be up-to-date.  Without data insights, managers are unable to be curious, and sub-optimal processes thrive, always remaining hidden from view.

The need for culture change

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is quoted as saying, “If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.”

In a digital era, businesses operate on data. Much of their opportunity is programmed into inbound marketing schemas and their operational performance depends on data analytics to execute hundreds of decisions based on fact—not gut feel—to fine-tune internal processes and minimize sales costs.

Creating a data-driven culture requires a culture change in many management teams that are accustomed to driving their business based on ‘hunches’ and ‘best guesses’ over what customers value and what they want. A digital economy means that enterprises no longer need to guess.

The competency gap

Armed with a new set of ambitions, organizations are establishing leadership roles to drive the transition of people, process, technology and data to evolve a data-driven culture. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) role is growing in popularity as a standard-bearer. According to the latest research from Gartner, this role is intended to:

  • To define and advocate the vision, priorities and role scope of a data-driven culture
  • Transform the enterprise by prioritizing cultural change and fostering a data-driven orientation
  • Apply asset management disciplines to select information assets and borrow ideas from other industries and competitors to monetize data
  • Apply technology leadership and best practice to aid the data-driven transformation of their enterprise
Adoption challenges

The most commonly reported barriers to a data-driven culture are:

  1. A lack of data literacy in management teams, resulting in poor leadership buy-in.
  2. Suboptimal data analytics capabilities.
  3. Unclear data ownership and strategy.
  4. Challenges with data integration – Even with ‘lots of data’ stored in their back-office systems, many businesses find there’s an issue with getting access to the data tools and data scientists needed to really make use of the data assets they hold.
  5. Data quality shortcomings.


Install best-practise into master data management and your approach to data engineering.  We work with organizations around the world to become data-driven enterprises by combining business consulting, change management and IT delivery skills to forge the next-generation of information systems.

  • Faster time to market
  • Lowest IT operational overheads
  • Zero legacy software footprint
  • Greater business agility


Advisory Services

Our team will guide you to win in the key battlegrounds of:

  • Streamlining data capture
  • Cleanse, normalize and de-dupe data using AI and fuzzy-logic matching techniques
  • Maximizing data value and decision making through the formation of customer data platforms and data landscapes

Delivery Services

  • Systems Design and Architecture
  • Development of data engineering solutions around Enterprise Platforms – Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, SalesForce, Business Objects, etc.

  • Engineering – Embedded/CAD/CAM


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Enterprise 2.0

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The GlueWare Game-Changer

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Discover how we can help your organization to become a DIGITAL LEADER

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